Little River Band Coming to Ameristar Casino

Little River BandOn Saturday May 16th, 2015, Little River Band will be bringing their special vocal blend to the stage at the Ameristar Casino and Hotel.

Little River Band was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1975.  It was originally a blend of musicians who had enjoyed success in other Australian rock acts. Their new focus was to get airplay on American radio, and they achieved that goal with good songwriting, powerful vocals, and guitar harmonies.

They immediately claimed their place as one of the great vocal bands of the ‘70s…and the ‘80s.  Between 1976 and 1983, chart success in America included:

It’s a Long Way There
Help Is on Its Way
Happy Anniversary
Cool Change
Lonesome Loser
The Night Owls
Take It Easy On Me
Man On Your Mind
We Two
The Other Guy.

Worldwide album and CD sales now top 30 million. They also set a record for having Top 10 hits for 6 consecutive years…the first band to achieve that mark. And according to BMI, Reminiscing has garnered rare status with over 5 million airplays on America radio.

Little River Band was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame at the 18th Annual ARIA Music Awards of 2004.

Reminiscing – Little River Band

There have been over 30 different members involved throughout Little River Band’s long career. Current members are:
Wayne Nelson – bass & lead vocals
Greg Hind – guitar & vocals
Chris Marion – keyboards & vocals
Rich Herring – guitar & vocals
Ryan Ricks – drums & vocals

This is my favorite from the band:

Little River Band – Lonesome Loser

Monday Music – Kansas City Star

“Hey Torey! The kids are here!”

How many times did we rush to plop our little butts down in front of the television when we heard those words?

Roger Miller was in the throws of an up and down career when he penned the words to “Kansas City Star” in 1965. The song became a Top Ten hit on the country charts.  It was written about Torey Southwick, the emcee of a local children’s show on after school each weekday afternoon, and again on Saturday mornings.  Torey reigned over Kansas City for many years.

Remember Saturday morning cartoons?

Len Audsley is a talented musician and vocalist from Carrolton, Missouri.  Len has many great YouTube videos out there, covering a truly diverse range of great songs. Thanks for this one, Len!  You can here more of Len’s stuff, and subscribe to his YouTube channel, here.