Jingle Arrgh the Way! A Christmas Pirate Adventure

This sounds like a lot of fun!

When a cryptic missive is left in the crow’s nest of Captain Braid Beard’s ship, – “If it’s a treasure you will know, seek the land of Christmas snow”- the Captain immediately sets sail to find young Jeremy Jacob to assist in locating the Christmas treasure. But Jeremy is in the school Christmas play and must return for the performance in a timely fashion. With the crew promising to get him back in time, they all hoist anchor for the North Pole. Along the way Jeremy teaches the pirates the joy of basketball, the ship dodges icebergs, and a polar bear threatens. Upon arrival, they finally meet Santa Claus, who helps them to dig deeply to find the “real Christmas treasure”.

Based on a story by Melinda Long, the book, words and music were created by Janet Yates Vogt.”

Final showings at the H & R Block Stage Theatre in Union Station are December 16th & 17th at 10am.

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